Don’t Let a Little Rain Ruin Your Ride – Wear the Proper Motorcycle Rain Gear

It’s almost the weekend and you and your friends have been planning a ride for months now. There’s only one issue, the forecast for this weekend is calling for rain and clouds. As a motorcycle rider, you’ve probably ridden through your fair share of rain. Don’t let a little rain ruin your plans for this weekend. If you drive careful and wear the right gear you can still enjoy a weekend motorcycle ride. In this article, we will point out some of the best gear available for motorcyclists who plan on riding through the rain.


Motorcycle Rain Suit

Choosing the right rain suit is crucial to staying dry on a long wet ride. One of the first things you should look for when shopping for a rain suit is how rain water is kept out. When comparing jackets make sure that zippers are protected by a storm flap. Without a flap, water will get into the jacket through the exposed zipper. Your motorcycle rain jacket will also need to have something to tighten the jacket around your waste, such as an elastic or draw string. This will prevent the wind from lifting the back of your jacket while you’re riding. The jacket should also have a moisture-wicking liner to keep the inside of your jacket dry and warm.

When shopping for motorcycle rain pants, look for a pair that have rain flaps covering the zippers and fits comfortably around your waste without leaving space for water to creep in. If you plan on riding in cold weather make sure to get a motorcycle rain suit that is insulated. Insulated rain gear may be a bit heavier, but it will keep you warm even on a cold winter day. The less openings a motorcycle rain suit has, the less you’ll have to worry about water getting in.


Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Cold, wet feet can ruin a motorcycle quickly. Lucky for you, waterproof motorcycle boots can ensure your feet stay dry and warm even in the wettest weather. Waterproof motorcycle boots are stylish, functional, and the heels make for easier shifting. Some waterproof motorcycle boots come with insulation so that you can ride in cold weather without a problem. The most durable waterproof motorcycle boots are made out of leather.


If your boots are not waterproof you should consider investing in a can of waterproofing spray like out Kiwi Camp Dry. A waterproofing spray helps protect materials that are not waterproof from water. It should be reapplied every few weeks to ensure that the fabric is waterproof. If your boots are waterproof, but you still want added protection from the rain, you may also want to consider using a waterproofing spray. Be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you do not use a spray that will ruin your boots.



Keeping your hands dry and warm is not only essential for comfort, but safety as well. Cold and numb hands can be dangerous when riding a motorcycle. Longer gloves with drawstrings help keep rain and wind from getting through. When comparing gloves be sure to find a pair that fit you well and allow you to grip the motorcycle handle safely.


Base Layers

Wearing a base layer can greatly improve your comfort and keep you warm while you ride. Most riders hate riding in the rain because they hate the feeling of damp clothes. Good-quality moisture-wicking base layers will help you stay dry and avoid the feeling of damp clothes.


Always Remember…

Drive slow and pay close attention to the road.

Pull over if it’s raining so bad that you can’t see.

Wear a helmet (especially when riding through the rain)

And of course, never drink and ride your motorcycle!



We at Coastal Boot have a wide selection of high-quality, affordable waterproof motorcycle boots. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Hunting Boots

When you’re our hunting you may have to walk through dirt, mud, water, or even snow. It’s important that you have a pair of boots that keep you comfortable and dry all day. The last thing you want is to have your boots slow you down. Choosing the right pair of hunting boots is all about finding the right fit and style, for the hunting terrain and weather conditions you are going to face. In this post we’ll give you some tips that will help you find the perfect hunting boots.


Tip #1 – Find Your Perfect Fit

There’s nothing worse than wearing boots that are too small or too large. In order to find the perfect fitting hunting boots you’ll need to try on your boots with the same socks you would normally wear while hunting. If you try on hunting boots with the wrong socks you’ll end up with the wrong fit. Your daily socks are nowhere near as thick as hunting socks and you’ll notice the different when you go hunting and your boots are too tight. If you’re planning on adding a liner to your boots you will need to get boots two sizes up so that your feet will fit comfortably.

Avoid shopping for hunting boots early in the day. It’s best to try on your boots towards the end of the day since feet often swell. The boots should fit comfortably around your instep and ankles. You should be able to wiggle your toes. If your hunting boots are cutting off your circulation or pinch, they are too small for your feet. Find an incline and walk up and down to test out the boots. If your feet slide up the boots are too big.


Tip #2 – Choose the Right Style

The right style of hunting boots you’ll need depend on the hunting terrain you’ll be going to and how much walking you’ll have to do. Here are the two most popular hunting boot style categories:

Rubber Hunting Boots – If you plan on going through swamps, marshes or creeks, you should purchase a pair of rubber hunting boots. Rubber doesn’t absorb your scent like leather and nylon boots do, which is perfect for staying undetected by deer. They are also watertight, ensuring that your feet will stay dry all day. They’re usually the best option for hunters who are going after waterfowl or deer hunting.

Leather or Nylon Hunting Boots – Leather and nylon hunting boots are the most comfortable of all hunting boots. These boots normally combine a leather or nylon upper with a rubber sole that offers good traction. Some leather and nylon boots are insulated and waterproof or water-resistant, guaranteeing you will stay warm and comfortable throughout your hunting trip.


Tip #3 – Know Your Hunting Terrain and Weather Conditions

You’ll need to choose your hunting boots based on the hunting terrain you’re going to be encountering. If you’re going after deer or elk in rugged and steep terrain, you’ll need boots that are supportive. If you’re going to be hunting in rocky terrain, you’ll need a high ankle and stiff sole.

Rubber boots are perfect if you’re going to go hunting in wet and muddy terrain, like swamps or marshes. You can even purchase rubber boots that are snake-proof. They’re made with dense materials and an added rubber layer to prevent snake bites from penetrating.

Weather conditions and terrain will also determine how much insulation you’ll need.  The lower the temperatures are, the more insulation you’ll need to keep your feet warm while you hunt.

With these tips you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of boots for your next hunting trip.


At Coastal Boot, you’ll find men’s hunting boots for all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

Is a Shoe Really Just a Shoe? Not in the Workplace

Sigmund Freud once said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” By that he meant that sometimes a person just wants to smoke a good cigar, so no one should try to read into it. Freud’s logic, however, doesn’t work so well when it comes to work boots. Protective footwear is so much more than just a work boots, it can prevent potential injuries in a dangerous workplace.


There are various important factors that need to be considered when purchasing work boots. So, how do you know which are the right work boots to buy? Let’s check and see what OSHA has to say about this matter. OSHA has a set of guidelines that employers have to follow in regards to personal protective equipment, including protective footwear.



According to OSHA's 29 CFR, Part 1910, General Industry regulations, Subpart I, Personal Protective Equipment, 1910.132 General Requirements, it’s necessary to assess the work environment in order to determine what hazards are currently present and may be present in the future. This will allow employers and employees to address the hazards accordingly. When it comes to protective footwear, knowing what hazards you’ll be facing will help you select a product with the right protective properties.


In 1910.136, OSHA identifies certain hazards that should be addressed when choosing protective footwear: "The employer shall ensure that each affected employee uses protective footwear when working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to falling or rolling objects, or objects piercing the sole, and where such employee's feet are exposed to electrical hazards."


What is ASTM?

When shopping for protective footwear, you may notice that many work boots have labels that state the boots are ASTM-rated. Are these type of work boots compliant with OSHA regulations?


Absolutely! According to OSHA standard 1910.136(b)(1), protective footwear purchased after July 5, 1994 must comply with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard Z41-1991, "American National Standard for Personal Protection--Protective Footwear," or shall be demonstrated by the employer to be equally effective. Any footwear that meets ASTM standard F2413-05 is compliant with OSHA standards.


What Do Protective Footwear Guard Against?

The ASTM-rated safety shoes fall into two categories: compression resistance and impact resistance. Impact and compression requirements measurement the protective footwear’s ability to protect the wearer from rolling or falling objects. ASTM-rated safety shoes are made using a steel or nonmetallic toe cap, which protects the wearer’s toes from breaking or being crushed.


 The two classifications for impact ratings are Classes 50 and 75:

  • I/50 can withstand 50 pounds dropped from 12 inches.
  • I/75 can withstand 50 pounds dropped from 18 inches.


I/75 rated toe-caps must be able to withstand 50-pound steel weight being dropped from a height of 18 inches. This is measured in foot-pounds, which means it will protect a worker from an impact of 75 foot-pounds.


The two classifications for compression ratings are also Classes 50 and 75:

  • C/50 are tested to withstand compression at 1,750 pounds before the toe-cap begins to collapse or crack  
  • C/75 are tested to withstand compression at 2,500 pounds before the toe-cap begins to collapse or crack  


Understanding the Label

Here is an example of a label you may find on your safety footwear:

ASTM F2413-05

M I/75 C/75



Here’s how you should read this label:

ASTM F2413-05 is the ASTM standard.


M I/75 C/75:

M or F (M = Male or F = Female), in this case the shoe is made for a male

I/75 is the impact resistance rating, while C/75 is the compression resistance rating.



This line identified what type of protection the shoes or work boots offer from other types of hazards, such as:

Cd = Conductive properties

CS = Chainsaw cut resistance

DI = Dielectric insulation

EH = Electrical insulation properties

ESD = Electrostatic dissipative

PR = Puncture resistance

SR = Slip resistance


Ultimately, it’s up to you and your employer to determine what type of hazards you’ll be facing in the workplace and select safety shoes accordingly. OSHA regulations were put in place in order to keep employees safe, which in turn is also beneficial to employers because fewer accidents mean lower overhead costs, lower insurance premiums, and fewer worker compensation cases.



Best of all, you can go home at night happy and free of foot injuries!


We at Coastal Boot understand how important safety is, which is why we offer a wide selection of work boots (including safety toe boots) that are both stylish and comfortable. We have brands such as Georgia Boot, Timberland, Caterpillar, Chippewa Boots, Dan Post Boots, Danner, Dr. Martens, Harley-Davidson, Iron Age, Keen, Thorogood, and many more. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

The Best Construction Work Boot

“A man is only as good as his tools.”


Construction workers acquire a large collection of quality tools throughout the years. They have certain tools that they use in just about every project they have. Along with the usual tools you would expect, construction workers often have a pair of work boots that they wear constantly. These boots have to be comfortable and offer much-needed protection to the worker and his or her feet.


We at Coastal Boot LLC understand that construction workers demand a certain quality out of their work boots. They want boots that are durable, comfortable, and have the level of protection they need to tackle their daily construction projects. In order to help you find the best pair of work boots for you, we’ve assembled this list of brands that you should consider when shopping for your next construction work boot. Here they are:


Chippewa is a very popular brand and when you look at their boots it’s easy to see why! They have been in the work boot-making business since 1901. Over the years, they have gained a reputation as one of the best work boots you can purchase. The quality is amazing. Their boots have thin soles and strong, durable stitching.  


Here’s the opinion of someone who owns Chippewa boots:


             “These boots up until recently have been worn 3-4 days a week, rain, shine, or snow. They have been through lots of dirty and muddy terrain from geocaching. These became so comfortable after breaking in that I kept them on instead of changing them whenever I played basketball or football, though they are much heavier than athletic shoes. That's cool though, just means you feel like superman the next time you run in running shoes.” Source - Reddit



The Wolverine brand is quite popular among construction workers. Wolverine boots come with durable soles and can be found in various styles. Whether you need waterproof work boots, EH work boots, or steel toe work boots, there is a Wolverine boot made for you. These boots are made to be comfortable, allowing construction workers to work on their feet all day.  


Here’s the opinion of someone who owns Wolverine boots:


“I have an unequivocal love for them that stems not only from the quality of the boot itself, but also from how much they lived up to, and even exceeded my high expectations for them.” Source - Reddit


Keen Boots

Keen may not have been around for as long as the other brands mentioned on this post, but they made the list because they are affordable and provide an unrivaled level of protection that construction workers greatly appreciate. Keen boots are not just made for working, they’re also made for fun! These boots are so comfortable that you can wear them out on your next long hike.

Here’s the opinion of someone who owns Keen boots:

 “I can't emphasize enough how much I love my Keen's. I've put average use on them for about a year and they're holding up fantastic. I have a pretty average arch but on the wider side of the foot. After several 10+ mile hikes, I'm the only one who doesn't complain about foot fatigue. I also invested in some good socks which are on the medium thickness scale that work great, keep me dry, and as a result, zero blisters.” Source - Reddit

Summing It All Up


We have only mentioned 3 out of the various different brands that offer high-quality construction work boots. Ultimately you should buy the ones that you feel most comfortable and safe in. Here’s what you’ll need to consider when purchasing work boots:


  1. Steel Toe – This is one of the most important safety feature a work boot can have if you work in a dangerous work environment. Construction workers are often required to wear steel toe boots because of OSHA regulations.


  1.     Sole Type – Depending on your work environment you’ll most likely need to get boots that are slip-resistant. If you work with electricity it’s important that you get the proper electrical-safety work boots.


  1. Comfort Level – You will be wearing your work boots day in and day out, so it’s important that you find a pair of boots that are really comfortable. It will be well worth the investment, trust us.


To check out additional work boots, visit our website at


We at Coastal Boot understand how important safety is, which is why we offer a wide selection of work boots (including safety toe boots) that are both stylish and comfortable. We have brands such as Georgia Boot, Timberland, Caterpillar, Chippewa Boots, Dan Post Boots, Danner, Dr. Martens, Harley-Davidson, Iron Age, Keen, Thorogood, and many more. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

Buy American-Made Boots

Work Boots Made in the USA

If you’ve recently started searching for a new pair of boots to purchase you may want to look into purchasing a pair of American-made boots. Buying American-made products is about much more than just choosing superior quality. When you purchase a pair of American-made boots you are helping invest in America. Did you know that “If every American spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made products, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs [?]” Source.

American manufacturers also have to abide by more strict regulations which help protect the environment, which means that they product a lot less pollution. Another thing to consider is that fact that some countries have little or non-existent regulations for working conditions, which means they may take advantage by exploiting their employees. This is not the case with all countries, but one thing is certain, America has very strict regulations ensuring that employees are fairly treated and fairly paid.

We at Coastal Boot LLC. offer a wide variety of work boots from various brands, including our own CB Boots. Many of the brands we offer have boots that are solely made in the USA, as well as boots that are made in other countries. In this post we will introduce you to some of the brands we offer that manufacture American-made boots.



Chippewa Boots has been around since 1901. Their work boots are built to the highest standards and nearly all of their boots are manufactured in the US. They are one of the oldest and most popular work and outdoor footwear brand in the world. Chippewa work boots were designed for the blue collar workers, such as loggers, and engineers who have built this country and made it what it is today.



  THOROGOOD 814-3376

The Weinbrenner Shoe Company was first introduced in 1892 by Albert Weinbrenner, a Milwaukee cobbler. The first Thorogood boots were called “jobber” boots and they were designed for telephone lineman, which at the time was still a fairly new trade. By 1905, Albert’s jobber boots were being sold nationally. In 1918 the company introduced the brand Thorogood, which is now extremely popular because of their high-quality, American-made safety and non-safety work boots.


Double H


Double H Boots were first introduced in 1955 by the H.H. Brown Shoe Company. Their boots are American-made, western-style work boots were a big hit thanks to their high-quality construction, comfort level, and style. Today, they continue to be a popular brand among cowboys and blue collar workers who are looking for work boots that have a “western flair”.




Carolina Shoe Company was founded in 1963 as a new division of the H.H. Brown Shoe Company. Carolina quickly launched their line of work boots designed to accommodate the needs of workers in various industries. Every work boot that Carolina offers is constructed using sophisticated techniques, using high-quality materials and state of the art, patented technologies. Carolina boots are often recognized for their unmatched comfort, performance, and durability.




G.A. Krause founded a small shoe company in 1883 and within 12 years he opened up the first shoe factory in Michigan. By 1903 his manufacturing company was able to produce up to 300 pairs of shoes per day. In 1921 the company took the name Wolverine. Today, the Wolverine headquarters are still located in Michigan and they continue to manufacture work boots and shoes for various blue collar professions.



DANNER 17317

The Danner Shoe Manufacturing Company first opened in 1932 in Wisconsin. The company offers handcrafted work boots for an affordable price. In 1992, Danner boots received the APMA seal of acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Their boots were designed to be of the highest quality and standards. By 1996, Danner was the first shoe manufacturer in the US to earn ISO 9002 certification. Today, Danner continues to manufacture American-made, high-quality, comfortable boots for working, hiking, fishing, and hunting.



KEEN 1013258

The Keen footwear company was founded in 2003 in California. Keen may not have been around as long as the other brands we mentioned, but from the first year they opened their shoes and boots were a hit. They were so popular that they were named 2003’s "Launch of the Year" by the shoe industry's leading trade publication, Footwear News. In 2006 the company moved its headquarters to Oregon, where it is still located today. By 2010 Keen moved a large part of their manufacturing to the US and into a plant in Oregon.


Find It All at

We understand that sometimes all you want is a high-quality, affordable pair of American-made boots! That is why we have a wide selection of safety and non-safety toe work boots. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

How to Guide – How to Care for A Leather Belt

Leather belts can last a long time if they are well taken care of. To help you keep your belt looking great longer we’ve assembled this list of tips on how to care for your leather belt:


Make Sure the Belt Fits – Wearing a belt that is too large for your waist will often result in lines and creases, while wearing a belt that is too small may cause a rip in the belt. To find a right sized belt you should find one that is the same size as your pants. If you must, go one size bigger, but not more than that. When shopping for a belt go for a darker color such as brown or black, because these colors will compliment just about every single outfit you own.


Condition – The best way to ensure that your belt stays in top condition for a long time is to purchase and use leather conditioner. Be sure to first read the conditioner’s instructions and the belt’s care instructions to check if the chemicals will alter the belt or leather in any way. Leather conditioner is a great investment because not only will it keep your belt looking great, it can be used on just about anything you own that is leather, such as jacket, boots, etc. To apply conditioner you’ll need to put a dime-sized amount on a rag and lightly rub it over the belt. You should then cover both sides and allow it to air-dry for a few hours.


Clean It Regularly – Leather can sometimes develop a small odor overtime. In order to get rid of the smell you should keep your belt clean. To clean your leather belt use a moist napkin to wipe away dirt and debris.


Avoid Wearing Out Your Belt – To prevent your belt from getting worn out it’s best to own at least 2 belts and alternate between them. Be sure to take your belt off of your pants at the end of each day. Leaving your belt on your pants can force it to bend out of shape and damage the belt.


Avoid Water – Water and leather just don’t mix. If your leather belt comes into contact with water use a towel to lightly blot it and allow it to air dry. Avoid using heat for drying because it can damage the leather. Add some leather oil to the belt’s surface to help keep your belt looking great for longer. You should also avoid getting sweat on the belt. Not only will it do the same damage as water, it can also make your belt smell unpleasant.


We hope that this guide will help you better care for your leather belts and therefore extend their lifetime.


We at Coastal Boot take pride in selling 3 styles of high-quality and stylish leather belts. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

Overview of Wolverine Boot Technologies

The Wolverine brand has been around for over 130 years. They are known for being innovative and never sacrificing quality for cost. Throughout the years Wolverine has introduced various work boots that feature specially-designed technologies made to fit the needs of its customers. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the technologies used on Wolverine boots, making shopping for a pair of boots a whole lot easier.


Steel Toe – Steel Toe boots have ASTM F2413-11 1/75 C/75 rated steel reinforcement over the toe box which protects the wearer’s toes from being crushed or severed.  


Composite Toe – Composite toe boots contain ASTM F2413-11 1/75 C/75 rated composite reinforcement in the toe area to help protect the wearer’s toes. They are lightweight and non-conductive, perfect if a wearer has to work with electricity.


Metatarsal Guard – Metatarsal guards are metal shields worn over work boots in order to protect the entire foot from being injured or crushed. The metatarsal guards are rated ASTM F2413-11 1/75 C/75 MT/75.


Puncture Resistant – Wolverine’s puncture resistant work boots are built with an internal insole that prevents puncturing of the boots. These boots meet ASTM F2413-11 standards.


Electrical Hazard (EH) – Electrical Hazard boots (also known as EH boots) are rated ASTM F2413-11 1/75 C/75 EH. These boots are built in a way that protects the wearer from electrical currents on dry surfaces. This minimizes the risk of the wearer getting electrocuted.


Static Dissipating (SD) – Static Dissipating boots are entirely designed to dissipate the static electricity build-up on your body.


GORE-TEX® - GORE-TEX® fabric is used to line Wolverine boots making them waterproof while still allowing them to be breathable.


Waterproof – Wolverine’s waterproof boots are made out of waterproof leather with seams that are sealed to keep water out.


Thinsulate® - Thinsulate® is an insulation made out of microfibers that is used on Wolverine boots. They dry quickly and keeps the wearer’s feet warm even when wet.


All of these special technologies are what make Wolverine Boots one of our best sellers.


We at Coastal Boot have a wide selection of Wolverine Work Boots. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

How a Pair of Timberland Steel Toe Boots Saved Jason's Toes

When Jason woken up on Sunday, he never expected that he was going to have a serious accident that almost severed his toes.



On November 15, 2015 Jason was going about his day as usual when the unthinkable happened. His foot was ran over by a 3000 lbs. cart filled with stage decks. He was rushed into the ER where they removed his boots and treated his wounds. 


The result? 3 sprained toes and 6 stiches. Jason won’t be able to walk for a few days, but after all of that he is truly grateful. Why you ask? Because he was wearing Timberland Pro Steel Toe boots, which helped save his toes. 

"The injury I sustained would have been much worse if I hadn't been wearing my TIMBERLAND PRO BOOTS!" 

While the injury he had to endure was still a serious one, the results would have been much worse had he not been wearing his safety toe boots. Had he been wearing regular boots or sneakers his toes would have been completely destroyed.

The Aftermath


Read his original story here (WARNING - PHOTOS ARE GRAPHIC AND BLOODY)


The Importance of Wearing Safety Toe Boots


OSHA requires that all employees who work in dangerous work environments wear protective footwear. Depending on the type of environment you work in you may be required to safety toe boots. Check with your boss to see what type of safety wear you’ll need to have for your job site and make sure to always be cautious.


Get Your Pair of Timberland Pro Steel Toe Boots at


At you’ll be able to purchase the following Timberland Pro Steel Toe Boots:


Timberland Pro TiTAN

The Timberland Pro TiTAN work boots have ASTM rated steel toes to keep your toes safe while you work. The contoured open-cell polyurethane footbed and polyurethane midsole offers added comfort without any added weight. The Dryz Intellitemp x-Static prevents moisture buildup in the shoes, offers antimicrobial protection and regulates temperature, so your feet will be dry and comfortable all day long.


Timberland Pro Endurance

The Timberland Pro Endurance work boots also have ASTM rated steel toes and a rubber “double toe” to protect your toes from being injured. These boots have been designed to meet ANSI Z41PT99, ASTM F2412-11, ASTM 2413-11 and F2892-11 standards to protect you from open circuits.  The Steel Flex puncture resistant steel plate helps minimize work hazards caused by sharp objects penetrating the soles of your boot.  The cement construction, padded top collar, and fiberglass shank offer maximum


We at Coastal Boot understand how important safety is, which is why we offer a wide selection of work boots (including safety toe boots) that are both stylish and comfortable. We have brands such as Georgia Boot, Timberland, Caterpillar, Chippewa Boots, Dan Post Boots, Danner, Dr. Martens, Harley-Davidson, Iron Age, Keen, Thorogood, and many more. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

Top ESD and EH Boots at

When it comes to working in dangerous environments, no one has to be more careful than those who work with or around electricity. One wrong move and they can sustain deadly injuries. This is why OSHA requires all electricians (among other professions) to wear safety footwear that is Electrical Hazard (EH) rated. EH rated footwear reduces the threat of electrocution by grounding electric charges. Engineers, warehouse workers, and wind turbine technicians (among other professions) are required by OSHA to wear Electro-static Dissipating (ESD) shoes and boots. ESD footwear allows electric currents to pass through the shoes or boots preventing electro static built up. In this post we will introduce you to our top ESD and EH boots sold at


Electro-static Dissipating (ESD) Boots

Timberland PRO Powertrain TB0A11QF001

The Timberland PRO Powertrain TB0A11QF001 is constructed out of a premium microfiber, leather and breathable mesh uppers, which provide durability, and paired with the anti-fatigue technology built into the outsole, help provide maximum all-day comfort. These boots have been equipped with ASTM-rated alloy toes to help keep your toes protected from injury. These boots are Electro-static Dissipating (ESD), which ensures that you are not shocked and do not cause damage to any electronics or electric components. Fiberglass shanks have been added for additional support. The Non-marking PU outsoles are slip resistant to prevent slip and fall injuries at work. They are available for purchase at the Coastal Boot website.

Timberland PRO Direct Attach TB065030713

The Timberland PRO Direct Attach TB065030713 have seam-sealed waterproof leather uppers which are durable and keep your feet dry. These boots were constructed with a lightweight, flexible plastic midsole and an open-cell polyurethane footbed with antimicrobial treatment for breathable comfort and odor control. The 200 grams of insulation keep your feet warm even while working in cold temperatures. These boots have an oil-resistant, non-marking rubber outsoles that provide added traction. These boots are Electro-static Dissipating (ESD), which provides protection from open circuits. They are available for purchase at the Coastal Boot website.


Electrical Hazard (EH) Boots

Timberland PRO TiTAN 89600

The Timberland PRO Titan 89600 are some of the most comfortable work boots you could ever buy. There’s no need to break these boots in because they are comfortable from the first day you put them on. The polyurethane midsole cushions your every step while the nylon diffusion shank helps support your arches. These boots were built out of durable, distressed oiled nubuck leather with a breathable, moisture-wicking air mesh lining. The alloy safety toe keeps your toes protected and since it’s EH rated you won’t have to worry about being electrocuted while working. They are available for purchase at the Coastal Boot website.

CAT Footwear Jointer P90560

The CAT Footwear Jointer P90560 are perfect for just about any work environment. The uppers of these boots are made out of waterproof full-grain leather and force lasted to the soles which ensure greater water resistance. The ASTM rated composite toe provides much necessary protection for your toes in dangerous work environments. The PU foam insole and Nylex sock liner make these boots very comfortable. These boots are Electrical Hazard (EH) rated to ensure you stay safe while working with electricity. They are available for purchase at the Coastal Boot website.

Magnum Precision 5812

The Magnum Precision 5812 have a waterproof microfiber upper which blocks water from entering ensuring your feet stay dry all throughout your workday. The M-PACT contoured sock liner with memory foam and compression-molded EVA midsole maximize comfort and fit. The composite toe keep your toes safe while the clip-resistant rubber outsoles provided added traction. These boots are EH rated so you can be sure that you won’t get electrocuted. They are available for purchase at the Coastal Boot website.

Shopping for EH and ESD safety footwear shouldn’t be a hassle. At Coastal Boot we have a wide variety of safety footwear to fit your occupation!


We have a large selection of brands such as Georgia Boot, Timberland, Caterpillar, Chippewa Boots, Dan Post Boots, Danner, Dr. Martens, Harley-Davidson, Iron Age, Keen, Thorogood, and many more. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.

Belt Buying Guide

Belts are both perfect as a fashion accessory and are a functional part of your wardrobe. They can keep your pants from falling and can become the perfect accent to a well assembled outfit. At we sell scratchless belts that come in 3 different styles.


A Smooth Mechanic’s Leather Belt

A Motoring Design Mechanic’s Leather Belt

Basket Weave Style Mechanic’s Leather Belt

Shopping for a new belt can sometimes be intimidating. Belts come in various materials including leather, cotton, and suede as well as various styles and colors. In this belt-buying guide we’ll give you some basic tips for picking the perfect belt.

Belt Length

Dress belts should always be long enough so that the end can be tucked into the first belt loop. Casual belts can be a little longer, but keep in mind that belts that are too long fit and look awkward. When buying a belt always choose a belt that is at least a few inches larger than your pant size. For example, size 34” waist should buy a belt size 36”-38”.

Cloth belts that have square brass buckles are worn a bit different than dress belts. These may be worn with military attire or casually and are normally worn where the brass cap on one end goes through the buckle and is fastened. It doesn’t have to go to the first belt loop like dress belts. Instead, they are trimmed down so that there’s no excess belt material sticking out.


Belt Buckles

Belt buckles tell you a lot about a belt and about the person who’s wearing it. The bigger the belt buckle, the less formal the style. Dress belts are typically narrower than most belts and have a small, flat belt buckle.

Work belts can either have a metal buckle or a leather buckle. Leather buckles do not conduct electricity because of their almost metal-free design.

Casual belts have larger, sometimes rounded buckles. Belts should be worn with the coordinating outfit, for example, Western boots should be worn with a Western-style outfit.

Belt Colors

When choosing a belt the color you should keep in mind whether you’re dressing up or down, or if you’re going to wear them to work. If you’re going to dress the belt up, a good rule to follow is to pair brown belt with brown shoes, or black belt with black shoes. If you’re going to wear the belt casually you can pair it with just about any shoes as long as they aren’t leather. If you plan on wearing leather follow the same matching rule as dressing up. Always remember that wearing a bright colored or animal-pattern belt can call a lot of attention. If you don’t want everyone staring at your midsection you may want to avoid these types of belts entirely.

When to Choose a Scratchless Belt

Dress and casual belts are great for wearing every day, but if you are a mechanic or work in another type of blue-collar-type job you will need something a bit different. Scratchless belts are perfect for workers because they are built to be durable and the leather buckles help prevent scratches and won’t conduct electricity minimizing the danger of you getting electrocuted. If you need a belt that looks great, is sturdy enough to survive your work environment, and is built out of high quality solid full-grain leather, Coastal Boot has the perfect belts for you!


We at Coastal Boot take pride in selling 3 styles of high-quality, stylish, scratchless leather belts. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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March 11, 2016 by Veronica S.