Cowboy Boot Care Tips

Cowboy Boot Care Tips



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Regardless of whether you wear your boots once a year or every day, you want your boots to look good every time you put them on. Here are some great tips that will help you take better care of your cowboy boots and keep them looking great longer!


  • Remove dirt and dust every time you take your boots off. Although your cowboy boots are meant to get dirty, it doesn’t mean they have to stay dirty. While dirt and dust don’t seem like a threat to your cowboy boots, they are. The particles can settle into every little crack and will begin digging away at the boot’s finish. Overtime it can cause the boots to wear. To remove the dust wipe boots with a soft and moist cloth, or put boot conditioner on a soft cloth and wipe the surface of the boot.


  • Always let you boots air-dry. Force drying leather with a dryer can cause the leather to crack. By allowing your boots to air-dry you can help prevent cracking.


  • Apply leather cream and conditioner regularly. Be sure before you use apply anything onto your boots that you read the care instructions that come with your boots. Make sure to use the right product and avoid anything that the directions tell you to avoid.If leather is too dry it will begin cracking. By conditioning your boots regularly you can avoid cracking of the leather. Please note that suede, rattlesnake, and boots with a naked finish should never be conditioned. Whenever you notice your boots no longer have that beautiful luster, condition them. Depending on how often you wear your boots you may need to condition them weekly or monthly. Do not over-condition your boots because it can lead to mold.


  • Protect your boot with water and stain protector. Once you are finished cleaning (and possibly conditioning), applying water and stain protector will help keep your boots looking great longer. This type of protection can be used on any type of leather. Some people believe that it’s better to wear your boots a few times before putting on water and stain protector because it allows the pores of the boots to open up more, allowing the solution to penetrate deeper.


  • Use a boot jack to remove your cowboy boots. Cowboy boots can be difficult to take off at times. Boot jacks were invented so that cowboys could take off their boots without getting the help of someone else. While there’s nothing wrong with getting someone to help you take your boots off, you should never try to remove your boots by using the toe of one boot to hold down the heel of the opposite boot. It will start wearing the leather out and may even cause unsightly damage to the cowboy boots.


  • Store your cowboy boots in a dry place. You don’t want your cowboy boots to grow mold, which is why you should never store them somewhere that is too humid. You should also store them somewhere that will not cause odd creases to appear, making the boots look unappealing. If you have a dry place to store your boots, stuff paper or folded cardboard into the boots to help them keep their shape.


  • Don’t drag your feet. It’s important to pay attention to how you walk when wearing your cowboy boots. If you drag your feet when walking in your regular shoes you should put effort into not doing the same in your cowboy boots. Dragging your feet while walking can cause the soles to wear and may even cause you to trip and fall.


Now that you have learned how to take great care of your cowboy boots you can keep your new pair looking great for a long time!

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