Why is Slip-Resistant Footwear Important?

Why is Slip-Resistant Footwear Important?

There’s only so much you can control at your job. You can’t control the weather, the mood your boss will be in, or unexpected events that may affect your day. In most cases, you can’t even control the surface you’re standing on. One day it can be solid and study, while the next it can be sheer ice. The step you just took may have been on hardwood, but a spill can mean your next step can cause a dangerous accident. This is why it’s so important to wear the proper footwear. Wearing slip-resistant boots can help you avoid serious work-related injuries.


The Real Danger: Slipping

While slipping may not sound like a terrible accident, it’s a real danger than can cause serious injury. Slipping causes you to fall, and falls can easily result in broken bones. Depending on your work environment, slipping can mean falling to the ground, accidentally falling onto machinery or chemicals, getting knocked out unconscious, or suffering other injuries.  It’s safe to say all of these scenarios can be avoided entirely. It’s fair to say that having a clean, organized worksite goes a long way, but investing in the right pair of nonslip boots will really help you minimize the possibility of a slip and fall accident.


The Anatomy of Slip-Resistant Boots

Okay, so you know you will need slip-resistant boots, but what does that mean?

First, there are certain materials you should keep in mind. Some are better at preventing slips than others. Rubber is often a favorite when it comes to slip-resistance. Aside from being softer than other materials, it has a much better time dealing with water and oil spills.  

Second, you should consider the type of slip-resistant boots you are purchasing. The soles of your boots need to be able to accommodate the type of liquid you may step in. When you walk on a slippery floor, you want to make sure the soles don’t trap the liquid under your boots causing a barrier between the boots and the floor. These types of soles undoubtedly, cause slip and falls.

Slip-resistant boots should have a tread pattern that channels liquid away, ensuring that your soles make contact with the ground. The more surface contact the more slip-resistant the boots will be.

Shopping for Slip-Resistant Boots?

We at Coastal Boot understand the importance of wearing slip-resistant boots at work sites. That is why we have a wide selection of slip-resistant boots available on our coastalboot.com website.

Some of our most popular styles include:



Wearing slip-resistant boots will help you prevent serious work-related injuries and avoid thousands of dollars in medical bills. Do yourself a favor and get a pair (or two) of slip-resistant work boots!

We have a large selection oslip-resistant work boots from brands such as Chippewa, Timberland, Georgia Boot, Ariat, Dr. Martens, Bates, Caterpillar, and more. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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