Puncture Resistant Boots Can Also Be Comfortable

Puncture Resistant Boots Can Also Be Comfortable

Protecting feet at work is essential since foot injuries can cause a lot of trouble, possibly resulting in the need to miss work. Nails, screws, sharp and dangerous items and electrical hazards can all cause pain, along with potentially injuring nerves and tissues in feet. Stepping on a sharp object can even end up breaking a bone in the foot, which may require lengthy healing and rehabilitation times.

Puncture Resistant Boots Can Offer A Great Solution
The best thing to do if you work in an environment featuring hazards with the potential to injure feet is to wear work boots that are specifically designed to protect the feet. A well designed work boot like the Georgia boot, which is puncture resistant, electrical hazard resistant and waterproof is a good choice to help keep feet safe. Georgia steel-toe, puncture resistant boots also meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for resistance to impact and compression. Both factors are hallmarks of a high quality work boot. 

Another smart choice is the Timberland PRO Endurance Steel Toe boot, which also has a rubber out-sole designed to be oil, abrasion and even slip resistant, adding an extra element of safety. This is a steel toed boot that provides more protection for your toes. These work boots also have the benefit of being shock resistant, which is important if you are on your feet all day. These boots use a specially designed steel plate to make them puncture-resistant.

Comfort Is Also Important

It's important to find a work boot that is not only protective but also comfortable for days when you spend a lot of time walking and standing. Work boots like the PRO 6 inch WP steel toe style made by Timberland feature special anti-fatigue technology, which was thoughtfully built in to their design. They help return energy to your foot for maximum comfort. They keep feet dry, while providing a good grip to keep you from slipping. 

Georgia Boot Zero Drag Steel-Toe, Puncture Resistant Waterproof Boots also provide comfort through a special waterproof system to keep feet warm and dry. Georgia Boot, Inc. feels that comfort is just as important as specialized safety features in a good work boot. Three layers of specially designed materials keep feet comfortable, while still remaining light weight. They feature arch support which is ergonomic and special airflow perforations to help keep feet cool and sweat free. Coastalboot.com is a trusted resource to find comfortable and protective boots for any occupational or personal need.

Extra Attractive Features In High Quality Boots

  • Some of the best extra features you'll find in high quality boots for work include:
  • Leather that is both full grain and waterproof
  • Lace up features to provide the security that boots will stay on and be comfortable
  • Rubber out-soles for protection against elements like oil, water and slick surfaces
  • Leather padded collars for extra comfort
  • Features like protective toes and puncture resistance that meet or exceed ASTM standards
  • Special linings to control and manage moisture to keep feet dry

Comfort Is Always A Good Decision

Choosing comfort when buying high quality footwear for work or for leisure is always a good choice. When you must be on your feet a lot, it's best to choose footwear that won't cut or bind feet, or cause painful issues like blisters. The best days are those when you do not even have to give much consideration to your shoes or boots because you already have confidence that they'll be comfortable and provide the extra element of safety to protect your feet.

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