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Rocky Mobilite Water Proof Steel Toe EH Rated Work Boots, Brown Leather RKY6114

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Rocky Mobilite Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots (0006114): Light weight, steel toe work boots are a dream that most working men never thought would come true. But, with Rocky’s special mobilite technology the dream has become a reality!

This Rocky work boot provides electrical hazard protection and meets ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 Protective Toe standards but it also achieves remarkable lightness through its 3 part Mobilite outsole. The technology behind this outsole makes it significantly lighter than the standard rubber outsole. You may be thinking that if the outsole is so light, then it must be lacking in durability. Fortunately, this is not the case since the Mobilite outsole is oil resistant which makes it extremely resilient to challenging, oily environments.

The light quality of these work boots is not the only comfort features it has to offer. These protective toe boots also have waterproofing, a polyurethane footbed and a TPU Torsion stabilizer embedded in the sole. These features work together to create:

* Dryness
* Extra cushioning
* Stability for your feet

Furthermore, this boot has the widest toe box in the industry which makes this work shoe a fantastic choice for anyone who may have a wider forefoot than the average person.

These boots won’t weigh you down throughout your hectic work day. They are so light you will hardly even notice they are on your feet. Give them a try today to see for yourself!


  • Steel protective Toe 
  • TPU Torsion stabilizer 
  • Widest Toe box in the industry 
  • 3-part Mobilite outsole 
  • Polyurethane Footbed 
  • ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 Protective Toe Classification 
  • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction 
  • Oil Resistant, 3 part Mobilite outsole is lighter than standard outsoles 
  • ASTM F2413-05 Electrical Hazard Standard