Rocky Aztec 2871, Brown Leather, Camo Upper Shaft Canvas Water Proof Pull-on Boot

$ 125.26


The materials are topnotch in terms of durableness and strength, there is a waterproof membrane and also realistic-looking camouflage... how could these Rocky Aztec Waterproof Camo Pull-On Boots not be the ideal footwear for you?

The full-grain leather enhances the durability of the upper, making it a terrific outdoors boot. Although, the Mossy Oak Break-Up® camouflage -printed over extremely strong nylon- allows this boot to blend in with the woods, making it a superb hunting boot. It is like getting two pairs of boots in one.

While you are outdoors your feet will remain dry in these Rocky Aztec boots, because they have been built with Rocky waterproof construction. Because this feature prevents you from returning home with drenched feet or getting blisters, you can soak up the outdoors rather than focusing on the discomfort that you're used to experiencing.

You don't want a turned ankle to ruin your time outside; these pull-on boots are made with TechnoStabilityTM. While you are still able to move around freely, this feature will support your feet by not allowing them to twist or turn uncontrollably inside these Aztec boots.

On the bottom of this camouflage boot there is a 5-layer Aztec outsole, which is impact absorbing and produces traction as you walk along loose terrain.

Regardless if you wear this boot to track wild animals or to delve further into the woods, you will only benefit from its durability, waterproof protection, and concealing camouflage.

** Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction
** Technostability cradles and protects foot and ankle against twists without limiting articulation
** Full-Grain Leather and durable nylon
** 5 layer Aztec outsole is designed to absorb impact and create traction on loose ground
** 10 inches in height