Iron Age 6" Houler IA-1060, Brown Leather Composite Toe Water Proof Boot

$ 69.00

Brand Iron Age

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 Iron Age 6" Hauler Non-Metallic PermaBond Built Composite Toe Waterproof IA0160

The Hauler 6# Plain Toe Waterproof work boot features a moisture wicking nylon mesh lining with a waterproof bootie, a removable cushion insert, PermaBond? construction and a composite toe. The 100% non-metallic airport friendly shoe meets ASTM F2413 standards.




** Toe: Composite
** Upper: Leather
** Color: Brown
** Type: 6" Plain Toe Waterproof Work Boot
** Lining: Moisture Wicking Nylon Mesh with Waterproof Bootie
** Insole: Removable PU Cushion Insert
** Outsole: Direct Attached PU Outsole
** 100% Non-Metallic
** PermaBond Construction
** ASTM F2413-05
** Electrical Hazard
** Security Friendly
** Waterproof
** Wide Width