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Caterpillar Jointer P90561 Clay Water Proof Composite Toe EH Rated Oil & Slip Resistant Pull-on

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Brand Caterpillar

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Caterpillar P90561 Jointer Waterproof CT EH Slip-on Men’s work boots were designed to provide maximum protection and comfort. Whether you’re working in a wet and slippery work site or are working with electricity, these Caterpillar boots will keep you safe. The waterproof full-grain leather helps ensure that your feet stay dry, even while working in the rain, and the slip-resistant rubber outsoles provide better traction than just about any boot.

The ASTM-rated composite toe is lighter than steel toe, but still helps ensure your toes are safe from work-related injuries. These Caterpllar P90561 boots are also EH rated, helping ensure you are not going to get shocked while working with electricity. The nylon mesh lining and Nylex sock liners help your feet breathe, and stay cool and sweat-free. The Strobel construction, which is often used in running shoes, offers added flexibility and stability. These boots are excellent for anyone who works hard and needs boots that can keep up.


  •  Full grain leather waterproof upper
  •  Nylon mesh lining
  •  Nylex sock liner
  •  Strobel construction
  •  Composite safety toe
  •  SRX extreme slip-resistance
  •  Caterpillar lightweight Ergo technology
  •  Caterpillar P90561