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Caterpillar Chassis P90845 Brown Leather Composite Nano Toe Waterproof Work Boot

$ 49.00

Brand Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Chassis WP Nano is equipment for your feet with four key features to get the job done. We made them more flexible, but still durable as hell. We made them more comfortable for fresher feet at the day's end. And yes, we made them waterproof. The Chassis Waterproof CT boot is just as comfortable as it is stylish. Made with our Nano Toe technology, this composite toe is 40% lighter than steel and the boot is fully non-metallic.

• GF4 Collection
• Waterproof
• Ease Cushioned Footbed
• Non Metallic
• Extreme Slip Resistance
• Composite Toe with Nano Toe Technology