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Belleville Khyber 660, Brown Leather Tactical Research Lightweight Mountain Boot

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Brand Belleville

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The Belleville TR660 Khyber Lightweight Mountain Tactical Hybrid Boots were specially designed for all-terrain use. Whether you’re walking on rocky terrain or pounding concrete roads, these Belleville boots are perfect for you.

These Belleville boots are durable, comfortable, and versatile. You can wear these hybrid boots while working, hunting, hiking, or while out on a tactical mission. They measure 8 inches high, the standard height for military boots, and have a lace-to-toe lacing system, which allows for a more customizable fit.

Made from 100% cattle-hide leather and nylon, these Belleville boots are more flexible and breathable, making these boots some of the most comfortable boots to wear on a work site or out on the hiking trail. These Belleville TR660 Khyber Lightweight Mountain Tactical Hybrid Boots also has Breathe Right combat lunar moisture-wicking lining, which keep your feet dry the whole day.

The shock-absorbent midsole and VIBRAM IBEX designed into these Belleville boots allow for better mobility and maximize traction even in the most rugged terrain. Inside of these hybrid boots you get even more comfort and protection with the TR-1 premium load bearing orthotic insole. When you combine the special insole, low profile soles, deeply serrated toe bumpers, and sharp angled lugs you’ll get boots that last longer and have better traction.


  •  leather-and-rubber
  •  vibram sole
  •  Aggressive Lace-to-Toe style allowing a customized fit.
  •  Reliability, stability, and traction - in a lightweight, comfortable boot
  •  ACU-approved boot
  •  VIBRAM "IBEX" Outsole for rugged terrain and Breathable Combat Lunar lining with TR-1 Load Bearing Orthotic Insole.
  •  Deeply serrated Hell Kicker and Heel & Toe Overlays Designed to aid in braking & arresting slides while extending the wear & life of the boot.