The Benefits of Foot Orthotics for Workers

The Benefits of Foot Orthotics for Workers

Workers who spend all or most of the workday on their feet find that they are less tired and more comfortable when their feet have the additional support of orthotic insoles. Whether it’s pushing a gurney, making deliveries, working on the production line, fixing cars, or working in construction there are various occupations where workers spend their workdays on their feet. If you’re one of those workers, your feet literally take a pounding daily, which is why you should consider getting foot orthotics.


The Importance Proper Foot Support


The most important tool a worker or tradesperson has is their body. You can use the best tools available on the market, but if your body hurts and you can’t work, you’re out of luck. Having proper foot support means you’ll not only be more comfortable while you work, but you’ll also avoid knee and back pain and injury.

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The human foot is impressively flexible. With every step your foot rolls inward and your foot’s arch collapses in order to disperse shock to the body when walking. As your foot rolls inward your lower leg rotates inward and your knee tracks inward. When this occurs your back and pelvis tip become misaligned. Workers do this hundreds of time every day, often carrying heavy loads. That is why many workers who spend a lot of time of their feet have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning, have a bad back, or suffer from knee pain.


Don’t Neglect Your Feet!


Most people find it easy to neglect their feet and overlook foot support. In fact, most people have pain caused by lack of foot support, but don’t realize it. That is because bad food support doesn’t cause foot pain. Instead, it causes back and knee pain. Individuals who suffer from back and knee pain often associate it with issues on their knees and back, instead of their feet. To understand how lack of foot support can cause back and knee discomfort you need to understand how feet affect the alignment of your entire body.


Give this a try- take off your shoes and stand with your bare feet parallel to one another, about shoulder-width apart. Roll your feet onto their outer edges with your arches up and off of the floor. You’ll notice that when you do that your lower leg rotates outward and when you gently bend your knees they will track outward.  Now roll your feet back so that your arches are flat on the ground. Your legs should rotate inward and when you lightly bend your knees they will track forward, as they are


Buying a New Pair of Shoes Will Not Give You Proper Foot Support, But Getting Foot Orthotics Will!


Buying a new pair of shoes will not give you proper foot support, but replacing the generic insoles with foot orthotics will. Generic insoles are not built to give you the support you need. Foot orthotics, on the other hand, will help keep your body properly aligned, minimizing back and knee pain.



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