Jobs that Require Non-Slip Shoes

Jobs that Require Non-Slip Shoes

Worker safety is important and it should always be a priority! The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, requires employees to wear non-slip shoes (slip-resistant shoes) if they work in an environment where there may be oil, water, grease, or other liquids on the floor. Non-slip (or slip-resistant) shoes are essential for reducing the possibility of slips and falls while working.


Restaurant Workers

When you think of non-slip shoes (slip-resistant shoes), you probably immediately think of restaurant workers. Restaurant workers are known for having to wear non-slip shoes because of the environment they work in. Restaurant workers have to walk in and out of the kitchen and through the restaurant, including regularly making their way through spills. Some employers also use floor treatments that help create greater traction and resistance.


Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors work in very dangerous environments. They not only walk on roofs of homes, they also have to climb ladders on a regular basis. A good pair of non-slip shoes (slip-resistant shoes) can mean the difference between having a great work day and spending the day in the emergency room.


Commercial and Residential Cleaners

Cleaning professionals are often required to wear non-slip shoes (slip-resistant shoes) because floors become dangerous when they are being cleaned. Regardless of whether they are cleaning the kitchen, a bathroom, a hallway, or offices, it’s important for these employees to wear non-slip shoes (slip-resistant shoes) to avoid injuries from a slip and fall. 


Food Processing Factory Workers

Food processing factories are dangerous and because employees have to walk back and forth on the hard floors they are required to wear non-slip shoes (slip-resistant shoes). The floors of a food processing factory can get wet and walking on a wet floor without non-slip shoes (slip-resistant shoes) is simply too dangerous.


Coastal Boot Caries a Wide Selection of Non-Slip Shoes

We understand how important it is that workers wear the right shoes. You shouldn’t risk injury by wearing regular shoes. Don’t spend another minute wearing the wrong shoes to work, instead, get yourself a pair of high-quality non-slip shoes.


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