Why Wear Hiking Boots While Hiking a Trail?

Why Wear Hiking Boots While Hiking a Trail?

When it comes to hiking a trail, one thing is certain, wearing the wrong shoes can be downright dangerous! Whether you decide to wear hiking boots or trail shoes, is entirely up to you, but many avid hikers suggest that hiking boots are better equipped for going through multiple terrains. If you’re just going for a quick, flat, day hike you won’t really need hiking boots, but if you’re going hiking in a more challenging place you should be more cautious with your choice of footwear. In this article, we’ll discuss what matters when you’re choosing hiking boots.



One of the most important things to consider when choosing hiking boots is the amount of tread you’ll need. The tread is the bottom part of the sole that touches the ground and has a pattern to grip uneven surfaces and prevent slipping while walking downhill. Most sneakers and tennis shoes are designed with a light tread, which is essentially useless when hiking through rocky, uneven terrain, or up and down hills. If you’re heading for a walk on a flat trail, any sneakers will suffice. Trails with tougher terrains require better treads with increased traction.


Support and Stiffness

If you are hiking the backcountry, you’ll need greater support and stiffness, especially if you’re carrying a heavy backpack through rough terrain. Hiking boots offer better ankle coverage, which helps prevent ankle sprains, and much stiffer midsoles, which provide better support. It’s dangerous to wear regular sneakers or tennis shoes when hiking because not only can you sprain your ankle, but you can actually hurt yourself. Nothing is worse than hurting yourself in the middle of a hike, especially if you’re in a remote trail with no hiking buddy.


Streams and Mud

If your hike is going to take you into a stream, mud, or through rain, you’ll need to find the appropriate hiking boots. Many of the hiking boots available at Coastal boot are waterproof, which means you can walk through water or mud without worrying about getting your feet wet. Tennis shoes are simply not made for wet environments and once they get wet they stay wet for a long time.


What to Consider

If you’re not a frequent hiker and only go on easy, flat hikes, you can stick with your sneakers or tennis shoes. However, if you go hiking regularly and often hike trails that have hills, rocks, and uneven surfaces, you’re better off investing on a pair of good quality hiking boots.


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