What Will a Manufacturer Warranty Cover?

What Will a Manufacturer Warranty Cover?

When a customer purchases a pair of boots from a store (or online retailer) they expect that their new boots are going to live up to their expectations. The boots should fit well, be comfortable, and be free of defects. Most boot manufacturers will provide warranty to customers anywhere from 30 days to 365 days. If the boots were to have some sort of issue due to an error in the manufacturing process the customer can send the boots back to the manufacturer and the boots would either be fixed or replaced.

A warranty protects customers from purchasing products that are not up to expected manufacturing standards. If, for example, a customer bought a pair of boots 10 days ago and their soles are already coming off the manufacturer will need to warranty the boots. Unfortunately, there is some confusion between what is covered by a warranty and what isn’t. We are hoping this post will help clarify some of this confusion.


What is covered by Warranty?

The only issues covered by warranty are those that are caused by a manufacturing error. Manufacturers will repair or replace your boots as long as they are still within the warranty date. The best way to ensure that you’ll be able to benefit from the manufacturer warranty is to keep the original receipt. This will allow you to check whether or not you’re still within warranty and provide proof to the company. Warrantied products are replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer. Keep in mind that all boots will wear with time and manufacturers won’t cover regular wear and tear.


What is not covered by Warranty?

There are quite a few people who believe that a warranty works like an insurance policy, where if something is damaged it will be replaced immediately. The truth is, a warranty is nothing like an insurance. If it is not a manufacturer defect the manufacturer will not replace your boots simply because you damaged them or they have been worn down. Here are some examples of what is not covered by warranty:


  • Frayed webbing, worn stitching, and worn soles due to normal wear
  • Damage caused by polishes, oils, or other chemicals that were not recommended for treating or cleaning the boots
  • Damage caused by unauthorized alterations, repairs or modifications
  • Damage caused by pets (such as puppies chewing or cats clawing)
  • Burn marks, punctures, cuts, or abrasions caused by misuse and/or abuse by the wearer
  • Worn soles caused by chemicals that the boots were not resistant to
  • Uncomfortable boots or issues regarding fit
  • Frayed laces or eyelets falling off due to normal wear



Now that you understand what is or isn’t covered by manufacturer warranty you can buy your boots with confidence. If you have bought a pair of boots from Coastal Boot and they have a manufacturer defect please go to the returns page to get instructions on how to get them warrantied.


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