Don’t Let a Little Rain Ruin Your Ride – Wear the Proper Motorcycle Rain Gear

Don’t Let a Little Rain Ruin Your Ride – Wear the Proper Motorcycle Rain Gear

It’s almost the weekend and you and your friends have been planning a ride for months now. There’s only one issue, the forecast for this weekend is calling for rain and clouds. As a motorcycle rider, you’ve probably ridden through your fair share of rain. Don’t let a little rain ruin your plans for this weekend. If you drive careful and wear the right gear you can still enjoy a weekend motorcycle ride. In this article, we will point out some of the best gear available for motorcyclists who plan on riding through the rain.


Motorcycle Rain Suit

Choosing the right rain suit is crucial to staying dry on a long wet ride. One of the first things you should look for when shopping for a rain suit is how rain water is kept out. When comparing jackets make sure that zippers are protected by a storm flap. Without a flap, water will get into the jacket through the exposed zipper. Your motorcycle rain jacket will also need to have something to tighten the jacket around your waste, such as an elastic or draw string. This will prevent the wind from lifting the back of your jacket while you’re riding. The jacket should also have a moisture-wicking liner to keep the inside of your jacket dry and warm.

When shopping for motorcycle rain pants, look for a pair that have rain flaps covering the zippers and fits comfortably around your waste without leaving space for water to creep in. If you plan on riding in cold weather make sure to get a motorcycle rain suit that is insulated. Insulated rain gear may be a bit heavier, but it will keep you warm even on a cold winter day. The less openings a motorcycle rain suit has, the less you’ll have to worry about water getting in.


Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Cold, wet feet can ruin a motorcycle quickly. Lucky for you, waterproof motorcycle boots can ensure your feet stay dry and warm even in the wettest weather. Waterproof motorcycle boots are stylish, functional, and the heels make for easier shifting. Some waterproof motorcycle boots come with insulation so that you can ride in cold weather without a problem. The most durable waterproof motorcycle boots are made out of leather.


If your boots are not waterproof you should consider investing in a can of waterproofing spray like out Kiwi Camp Dry. A waterproofing spray helps protect materials that are not waterproof from water. It should be reapplied every few weeks to ensure that the fabric is waterproof. If your boots are waterproof, but you still want added protection from the rain, you may also want to consider using a waterproofing spray. Be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you do not use a spray that will ruin your boots.



Keeping your hands dry and warm is not only essential for comfort, but safety as well. Cold and numb hands can be dangerous when riding a motorcycle. Longer gloves with drawstrings help keep rain and wind from getting through. When comparing gloves be sure to find a pair that fit you well and allow you to grip the motorcycle handle safely.


Base Layers

Wearing a base layer can greatly improve your comfort and keep you warm while you ride. Most riders hate riding in the rain because they hate the feeling of damp clothes. Good-quality moisture-wicking base layers will help you stay dry and avoid the feeling of damp clothes.


Always Remember…

Drive slow and pay close attention to the road.

Pull over if it’s raining so bad that you can’t see.

Wear a helmet (especially when riding through the rain)

And of course, never drink and ride your motorcycle!



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