3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Hunting Boots

3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Hunting Boots

When you’re our hunting you may have to walk through dirt, mud, water, or even snow. It’s important that you have a pair of boots that keep you comfortable and dry all day. The last thing you want is to have your boots slow you down. Choosing the right pair of hunting boots is all about finding the right fit and style, for the hunting terrain and weather conditions you are going to face. In this post we’ll give you some tips that will help you find the perfect hunting boots.


Tip #1 – Find Your Perfect Fit

There’s nothing worse than wearing boots that are too small or too large. In order to find the perfect fitting hunting boots you’ll need to try on your boots with the same socks you would normally wear while hunting. If you try on hunting boots with the wrong socks you’ll end up with the wrong fit. Your daily socks are nowhere near as thick as hunting socks and you’ll notice the different when you go hunting and your boots are too tight. If you’re planning on adding a liner to your boots you will need to get boots two sizes up so that your feet will fit comfortably.

Avoid shopping for hunting boots early in the day. It’s best to try on your boots towards the end of the day since feet often swell. The boots should fit comfortably around your instep and ankles. You should be able to wiggle your toes. If your hunting boots are cutting off your circulation or pinch, they are too small for your feet. Find an incline and walk up and down to test out the boots. If your feet slide up the boots are too big.


Tip #2 – Choose the Right Style

The right style of hunting boots you’ll need depend on the hunting terrain you’ll be going to and how much walking you’ll have to do. Here are the two most popular hunting boot style categories:

Rubber Hunting Boots – If you plan on going through swamps, marshes or creeks, you should purchase a pair of rubber hunting boots. Rubber doesn’t absorb your scent like leather and nylon boots do, which is perfect for staying undetected by deer. They are also watertight, ensuring that your feet will stay dry all day. They’re usually the best option for hunters who are going after waterfowl or deer hunting.

Leather or Nylon Hunting Boots – Leather and nylon hunting boots are the most comfortable of all hunting boots. These boots normally combine a leather or nylon upper with a rubber sole that offers good traction. Some leather and nylon boots are insulated and waterproof or water-resistant, guaranteeing you will stay warm and comfortable throughout your hunting trip.


Tip #3 – Know Your Hunting Terrain and Weather Conditions

You’ll need to choose your hunting boots based on the hunting terrain you’re going to be encountering. If you’re going after deer or elk in rugged and steep terrain, you’ll need boots that are supportive. If you’re going to be hunting in rocky terrain, you’ll need a high ankle and stiff sole.

Rubber boots are perfect if you’re going to go hunting in wet and muddy terrain, like swamps or marshes. You can even purchase rubber boots that are snake-proof. They’re made with dense materials and an added rubber layer to prevent snake bites from penetrating.

Weather conditions and terrain will also determine how much insulation you’ll need.  The lower the temperatures are, the more insulation you’ll need to keep your feet warm while you hunt.

With these tips you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of boots for your next hunting trip.


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