How to Guide – How to Care for A Leather Belt

How to Guide – How to Care for A Leather Belt

Leather belts can last a long time if they are well taken care of. To help you keep your belt looking great longer we’ve assembled this list of tips on how to care for your leather belt:


Make Sure the Belt Fits – Wearing a belt that is too large for your waist will often result in lines and creases, while wearing a belt that is too small may cause a rip in the belt. To find a right sized belt you should find one that is the same size as your pants. If you must, go one size bigger, but not more than that. When shopping for a belt go for a darker color such as brown or black, because these colors will compliment just about every single outfit you own.


Condition – The best way to ensure that your belt stays in top condition for a long time is to purchase and use leather conditioner. Be sure to first read the conditioner’s instructions and the belt’s care instructions to check if the chemicals will alter the belt or leather in any way. Leather conditioner is a great investment because not only will it keep your belt looking great, it can be used on just about anything you own that is leather, such as jacket, boots, etc. To apply conditioner you’ll need to put a dime-sized amount on a rag and lightly rub it over the belt. You should then cover both sides and allow it to air-dry for a few hours.


Clean It Regularly – Leather can sometimes develop a small odor overtime. In order to get rid of the smell you should keep your belt clean. To clean your leather belt use a moist napkin to wipe away dirt and debris.


Avoid Wearing Out Your Belt – To prevent your belt from getting worn out it’s best to own at least 2 belts and alternate between them. Be sure to take your belt off of your pants at the end of each day. Leaving your belt on your pants can force it to bend out of shape and damage the belt.


Avoid Water – Water and leather just don’t mix. If your leather belt comes into contact with water use a towel to lightly blot it and allow it to air dry. Avoid using heat for drying because it can damage the leather. Add some leather oil to the belt’s surface to help keep your belt looking great for longer. You should also avoid getting sweat on the belt. Not only will it do the same damage as water, it can also make your belt smell unpleasant.


We hope that this guide will help you better care for your leather belts and therefore extend their lifetime.


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