How a Pair of Timberland Steel Toe Boots Saved Jason's Toes

How a Pair of Timberland Steel Toe Boots Saved Jason's Toes

When Jason woken up on Sunday, he never expected that he was going to have a serious accident that almost severed his toes.



On November 15, 2015 Jason was going about his day as usual when the unthinkable happened. His foot was ran over by a 3000 lbs. cart filled with stage decks. He was rushed into the ER where they removed his boots and treated his wounds. 


The result? 3 sprained toes and 6 stiches. Jason won’t be able to walk for a few days, but after all of that he is truly grateful. Why you ask? Because he was wearing Timberland Pro Steel Toe boots, which helped save his toes. 

"The injury I sustained would have been much worse if I hadn't been wearing my TIMBERLAND PRO BOOTS!" 

While the injury he had to endure was still a serious one, the results would have been much worse had he not been wearing his safety toe boots. Had he been wearing regular boots or sneakers his toes would have been completely destroyed.

The Aftermath


Read his original story here (WARNING - PHOTOS ARE GRAPHIC AND BLOODY)


The Importance of Wearing Safety Toe Boots


OSHA requires that all employees who work in dangerous work environments wear protective footwear. Depending on the type of environment you work in you may be required to safety toe boots. Check with your boss to see what type of safety wear you’ll need to have for your job site and make sure to always be cautious.


Get Your Pair of Timberland Pro Steel Toe Boots at


At you’ll be able to purchase the following Timberland Pro Steel Toe Boots:


Timberland Pro TiTAN

The Timberland Pro TiTAN work boots have ASTM rated steel toes to keep your toes safe while you work. The contoured open-cell polyurethane footbed and polyurethane midsole offers added comfort without any added weight. The Dryz Intellitemp x-Static prevents moisture buildup in the shoes, offers antimicrobial protection and regulates temperature, so your feet will be dry and comfortable all day long.


Timberland Pro Endurance

The Timberland Pro Endurance work boots also have ASTM rated steel toes and a rubber “double toe” to protect your toes from being injured. These boots have been designed to meet ANSI Z41PT99, ASTM F2412-11, ASTM 2413-11 and F2892-11 standards to protect you from open circuits.  The Steel Flex puncture resistant steel plate helps minimize work hazards caused by sharp objects penetrating the soles of your boot.  The cement construction, padded top collar, and fiberglass shank offer maximum


We at Coastal Boot understand how important safety is, which is why we offer a wide selection of work boots (including safety toe boots) that are both stylish and comfortable. We have brands such as Georgia Boot, Timberland, Caterpillar, Chippewa Boots, Dan Post Boots, Danner, Dr. Martens, Harley-Davidson, Iron Age, Keen, Thorogood, and many more. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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