Belt Buying Guide

Belt Buying Guide

Belts are both perfect as a fashion accessory and are a functional part of your wardrobe. They can keep your pants from falling and can become the perfect accent to a well assembled outfit. At we sell scratchless belts that come in 3 different styles.


A Smooth Mechanic’s Leather Belt

A Motoring Design Mechanic’s Leather Belt

Basket Weave Style Mechanic’s Leather Belt

Shopping for a new belt can sometimes be intimidating. Belts come in various materials including leather, cotton, and suede as well as various styles and colors. In this belt-buying guide we’ll give you some basic tips for picking the perfect belt.

Belt Length

Dress belts should always be long enough so that the end can be tucked into the first belt loop. Casual belts can be a little longer, but keep in mind that belts that are too long fit and look awkward. When buying a belt always choose a belt that is at least a few inches larger than your pant size. For example, size 34” waist should buy a belt size 36”-38”.

Cloth belts that have square brass buckles are worn a bit different than dress belts. These may be worn with military attire or casually and are normally worn where the brass cap on one end goes through the buckle and is fastened. It doesn’t have to go to the first belt loop like dress belts. Instead, they are trimmed down so that there’s no excess belt material sticking out.


Belt Buckles

Belt buckles tell you a lot about a belt and about the person who’s wearing it. The bigger the belt buckle, the less formal the style. Dress belts are typically narrower than most belts and have a small, flat belt buckle.

Work belts can either have a metal buckle or a leather buckle. Leather buckles do not conduct electricity because of their almost metal-free design.

Casual belts have larger, sometimes rounded buckles. Belts should be worn with the coordinating outfit, for example, Western boots should be worn with a Western-style outfit.

Belt Colors

When choosing a belt the color you should keep in mind whether you’re dressing up or down, or if you’re going to wear them to work. If you’re going to dress the belt up, a good rule to follow is to pair brown belt with brown shoes, or black belt with black shoes. If you’re going to wear the belt casually you can pair it with just about any shoes as long as they aren’t leather. If you plan on wearing leather follow the same matching rule as dressing up. Always remember that wearing a bright colored or animal-pattern belt can call a lot of attention. If you don’t want everyone staring at your midsection you may want to avoid these types of belts entirely.

When to Choose a Scratchless Belt

Dress and casual belts are great for wearing every day, but if you are a mechanic or work in another type of blue-collar-type job you will need something a bit different. Scratchless belts are perfect for workers because they are built to be durable and the leather buckles help prevent scratches and won’t conduct electricity minimizing the danger of you getting electrocuted. If you need a belt that looks great, is sturdy enough to survive your work environment, and is built out of high quality solid full-grain leather, Coastal Boot has the perfect belts for you!


We at Coastal Boot take pride in selling 3 styles of high-quality, stylish, scratchless leather belts. Give us a call today at 1 (800) 972-7627 to place an order over the phone or go to our website, and place your order online.  

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