How To Guide: Replacing Insoles

How To Guide: Replacing Insoles

Whether your current insoles are worn out or you just prefer a more comfortable new pair, replacing your existing insoles is easy. Some individuals may have certain issues that will require them to wear special insoles, such as flat feet, bad back, or bad knees. Wearing shoes with the right insoles is also important for athletes, whose feet need the extra support while they work out or play.  In this article we will teach you how to replace your insoles with the new ones:


Step 1

Remove the current insole from the boots or shoes. Most insoles aren’t glued to the shoe so you should be able to remove it with ease.


Step 2

Research a few different insoles to find the best one for you. Insoles come in a variety of materials providing specific comfort levels, support, and levels of flexibility. Depending on where you put the most weight you can purchase insoles that provide added cushioning to the heels, foot arches, or balls of the feet.


Step 3

Bring your old insoles with you when you’re shopping for the new insoles. If the new insoles are sold by size you’ll be able to use the old ones to pick the right ones. The size of the insoles can vary depending on the manufacturer so this is a safer bet than just picking out your size and bringing them home.


Step 4

If the insoles are not already sized you will need to use the old insoles to trim the new ones to size. Use scissors to cut the new insoles so that they fit into your boots comfortably and seat properly in the toe and heel area. Only cut in the toe area, not the heel area. If your insoles came in your size you can skip this step.


Step 5

Slide the new insole into the shoe, putting the toe side in first then using your hand to push down the insole so that the heel area sits correctly.


Insoles Do Not Last a Lifetime

Insoles do wear out over time and should be replaced as needed. 



If you have shoes that are slightly too big for you, you may want to put store-bought insoles on top of your shoe’s original insole. It can help make the shoes fit better and will even make them more comfortable. Of course, if your boots already fit, this would only make them tight and uncomfortable.

If your shoes do not have a removable insoles, you'll need to find another pair of shoes that have removable insoles, or purchase your shoes in a larger size so that the new insoles can fit comfortably above the old ones. 


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